All Natural Sport Formula Mineral Soak

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For centuries the Mother Spring at The Springs Resort & Spa in Pagosa Springs, Colorado has been a source of healing. Mineral-laden geothermal water originates from deep within the measureless hot spring, bearing core elements that rejuvenate, renew, and relieve. 

From warriors of the past to wellness-warriors and world-class athletes of today the therapeutic waters are renowned for recovery. One of a kind combination of minerals like sulfate's anti-inflammatory properties, and silica's immune-boosting quality, increases recovery and provides sustained wellness protection.
Our All-Natural Mineral Soak- Joint has harnessed some of the most beneficially healing mineral waters in the world for your home use.

We have taken the powerful minerals from the Mother Spring and packaged them for home use. Our goal is to recreate the healing experience of The Springs Resort & Spa, at your home.